toddler + baby-proofing household musts

most of these items are self explanatory - but ALL of them i have found to be necessary with a crazy toddler and an almost-walker on my hands. many of these items i learned that i needed because of an injury or almost injury - so be prepared! as soon as baby starts to crawl, you’ll want to baby-proof your house.

luckily, amazon has all of these items (#momlife).

i like these clear corner cushions for coffee tables, end tables, and island ends - you can barely notice they are there!

the tub accessories - we had to purchase these after finn split his chin open TWICE on our tub. he stood up so fast and whacked his chin in the same spot. so the tub mat and guard are a must in our house.

seems redundant, but you will need two types of cabinet locks. i LOVE these hidden ones - you use a magnet to open (make sure to tell your babysitter ;) ) but for your cleaning supplies, i use the magnet lock and the classic outside cabinet lock for good measure (finn is very strong - found him about to chug goo-gone one time, this is a true story).

you’ll need to mount large furniture to the wall and this mounting kit is simple and easy. this includes dressers, chests, and anything large than baby could potentially pull themselves up on. this is a MUST for toddlers in their own room/big bed at night.

finn quickly learned how to open deadbolts as well as handles and knobs, so we have all three of these safety locks on our doors. interiors doors, such as to the basement, will need this too, especially if you have a toddler and a crawler - we don’t want anyone to fall down the stairs!

if you own your living space, i would highly suggest having someone to come and install custom gates. this is what we did once we moved into our house - it was around $175 per gate. this seems like a hefty charge - but the other adjustable gates were digging into our walls and monster-man-finn quickly learned how to push the gates completely over (and tumbled down the stairs).

there are baby-proofing services available in your area too.