rock'n'play alternatives

as you know, the rocknplay was recalled due to over 10 infant deaths reported with use during sleep. the rock’n’play, along with many other “infant sleepers” are NOT safe for unsupervised sleep. what does this mean? you MUST be in the SAME ROOM as the baby and you MUST BE AWAKE!

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curious what safe sleep looks like? know your sleep ABCs!⁣⁣
A - alone ⁣⁣
B - on back⁣⁣
C - in crib ⁣⁣

bassinets are also safe as long as they are providing a flat surface and nothing is in the bassinet besides baby and a TIGHT swaddle. mesh bumpers are also safe for crib. ⁣⁣
•loose blankets ⁣⁣
•toys ⁣⁣
•loveys until 12+ months ⁣⁣
•pillows ⁣⁣
•bumpers ⁣⁣
•DocAtots or similar items (YES, it’s true!)⁣⁣
review safe sleep in my highlights under sleep. ⁣⁣

head to my sleep essentials for safe sleep options.

as for rock’n’play alternatives, know that these items are not meant for unsupervised sleep (see above). these items are meant for supervised sleep (as the only safe sleep places are in the crib or bassinet!)

this travel bassinet can be used in your room, on the go, or in the common area (safe for unsupervised sleep).

this baby dome is perfect for on the floor in the common room.

mini pack n play comes with an infant insert and great for use during traveling. adapts as baby grows.

this infant rocker is perfect for awake time! NOT safe for unsupervised sleep. i picked this rocker because it does not have any fabric inserts - these can be not safe.

swings are a great alternative to rock’n’plays for supervised sleep. there are MANY options available - look for the one with the LEAST amount of inserts.

i love this boppy lounger for the early days as well.