diaper rash remedy

spring has sprung! which means - diaper rash season! why? the cold and flu are at an all time high and these viruses cause a change to baby’s GI system, including inflammation and diarrhea. did you know that POOP is the reason for diaper rashes? diarrhea is generally acidic, which breaks down the skin barrier and leads to a rash. zinc-based diaper creams such as desitin create a barrier between the skin and the stool to help heal the diaper rash and prevent further damage.

bumblebaby diaper rash remedy:

  1. DO NOT WIPE! pat groin area with water-based wipe ONLY if there is stool. if urine, leave it alone.

  2. leave remaining diaper cream on skin.

  3. layer on desitin (THICK!)

  4. layer on aquaphor (THICK!)

  5. close diaper

must have items for diaper rash:

** if after 48 hours with no relief, call doctor. the rash could be caused by yeast (which you’ll need a prescription ointment called nystatin to cure. apply nystatin first before diaper rash regimen). if you see raised, red bumps scattered along the groin area, this is a yeast rash! call doc right away.