travel essentials

travel must haves!

if you’re looking for a new stoller, the babyzen yo-yo is a MUST for traveling. it is about 13 pounds, fits in the aisle of the plane as well as in overhead compartment. adaptable with most car seats and offers a toddler extension on the back which Finn LOVES! the bike seat comes out as well so they can stand.

cosco car seat is PERFECT for traveling - SUPER light weight, inexpensive, and high safety ratings. the car seat bag will protect carseats from weather and wear and tear underneath the plane. car seats DO NOT count as luggage, but pack n plays do, just FYI.

the nuna pipa is my favorite car seat! compatible with yo-yo with correct attachments.

reusable zip locks are perfect for snacks, individual milks fit well and stay cold in the pack-it freezable lunch bag (great for formula and breastmilk too). dum dums are a travel must for us - we use them as bribery ha!

the joovy pack n play is HUGE - great for toddlers, gives them way more room.

if you don’t want to lug your sound machine, the ROHM is great and LOUD.